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Supplier Diversity

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Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is critical to any successful organization. This immersive virtual reality, voice-activated experience demonstrates how implementing supplier diversity is a strategy to improve customer acquisition, employee retention, competitive advantage, and other essential aspects of organizational performance. The experience provides a framework to take your supplier diversity program from a basic level to a strategic one. It does so by presenting the value proposition for supplier diversity, discussing internal resistance, and presenting solutions to get resistors on board. It will take you from the first steps in implementing a program to making a measurable impact on your organization.

Scenario: Set in a corporate office, learners advocate for well-qualified, diverse companies while navigating internal opposition to sourcing minority-owned businesses.

Learning Objectives

Practice overcoming resistance towards supplier diversity within an organization:

  • Use inclusive, empathetic and direct communication
  • Ask open-ended questions to better understand all perspectives

Advocate for Supplier Diversity:

  • Speak up about diverse suppliers’ value
  • Use empathy to meet your colleagues where they are
  • Provide resources to remove barriers


  • Inclusive Communication
  • Acknowledging Different Viewpoints
  • Active Listening
  • Objective Decision-Making

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