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Moth + Flame VR is the leading provider of immersive learning experiences for enterprise scale customers across a range of verticals.

Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes Podcast with Palmer Luckey and Kevin Cornish

Why use VR for training?

Transformative Impact at Scale.

VR solves your most difficult training problems. Enhanced competency-based performance training delivering immediate impact and better ROI.

  • 9X better retention in material taught with immersive learning in VR.
  • 98% leadership approval of immersive experience training.
  • 10x more cost effective than traditional in classroom and onsite methods.
  • 4x faster than traditional classroom and onsite training methods.
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The latest from Moth + Flame VR

Enterprise Clients Succeeding with Immersive Training.

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We’ve seen firsthand how Moth+Flame’s immersive training technology has made an incredible impact on the future of child welfare in our country.
Molly Tierney
Child Welfare Lead, Accenture
The Debrief
In a post-COVID world, where jobs and careers will change dramatically, industry leaders say virtual reality will become a vital tool in how we retrain people quickly to avoid a labor shortage.
US Air Force
98% of leaders recommend the training in their respective units, and 93% said VR training would be more effective than traditional training programs.
Public Affairs Statement
United States Air Force

M+F Products

An End-to-End Training Solution


Learning Management System

Perform is Moth + Flame’s cloud-based advanced analytics and learning management system.

Hard Skills Training

ReadyVR is immersive competency-based technical and procedural training creating a safer and more skilled workforce.

Soft Skills Training

PromiseVR is virtual reality conversations to drive and sustain cultural change. Accelerate learning without sacrificing efficiency or connection.

Remote Immersive Collaboration

Bridge is dynamic team-based interactions in a shared virtual environment to create cutting edge collaboration.

Learning Management System


A cloud-based training platform combining immersive virtual reality experiences with detailed performance-tracking and scalable deployment.

Performance tracking and real time data allows organizations to make critical training decisions to measure and improve outcomes.

Perform dashboard

Soft skills training


Conversational and role-play simulations practiced in a virtual reality environment.

When learners put on their headsets, they are put into immersive simulated environments they inhabit and interact with. They decide in the moment how to respond and see for themselves the impact their words and decisions have on others—and reflect on how to improve.

  • Customer Service
  • DEI
  • Hiring
  • Situational Awareness
  • Sales
  • Resiliency

Hard skills training


Immersive competency-based technical and procedural training creating a safer and more skilled workforce.

Virtual reality allows organizations to improve on-the-job training; learners practice key procedures and processes in a simulated environment.

  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Safety Procedures
  • Checklist Training
  • OTJ Skills Training
  • Logistics
  • Incident Response

Remote immersive collaboration


Replicate real world experiences in multi-user environments where instructors and students interact with each other in ways that are intuitive, collaborative, and highly productive.

Multi-user environment allows for remote instruction in a group setting.

  • Conflict Management
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Immersive Collaboration
  • Risk Assessment
  • Team Building

About M+F

The Power of VR to Tell Important Stories

Moth + Flame specializes in building immersive learning experiences and deploying them at scale.

Our journey began in 2015 as we pioneered innovative virtual experiences across a range of verticals.

We’ve brought the depth of our experience to the extraordinary challenge of immersive learning.

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Moth + Flame Immersive Training
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