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Moth+Flame History

Founded in 2015, Moth+Flame first built its legacy in the entertainment industry creating immersive virtual reality experiences for companies like Netflix, MTV, Google, AMD and AT&T and talent like Taylor Swift while the technology was still in its early days of development.

As the uses for VR technology expanded, so did Moth+Flame. In 2018 Moth+Flame grew into a company that developed premier training solutions for public and private sector employees. Led by experts from immersive tech and entertainment, Moth+Flame’s VR solutions combine artistic prowess with engineering excellence. The company’s PromiseVR and READY VR training platforms, powered by AI and natural language processing, offer innovative, adaptive learning programs for hard and soft skills.

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Awards + Recognition

A leader in immersive content creation

Groundbreaking content recognized at the higher levels.

Moth+Flame has produced award-winning immersive content for brands ranging from Netflix, Accenture, IMAX, Estee Lauder Companies, Nick, Google, Oculus, AMC, Discovery, MTV, AT&T, Ram Truck, and AMD. Moth + Flame experiences have been recognized for excellence by institutions including Television Academy, Cannes Lions, SXSW, AICP NEXT, Future of Storytelling, Sundance, Tribeca Film Festival and has been permanently archived in the Museum of Modern Art.



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Pairing natural language processing and machine learning with the warmth of a human face.
Moth + Flame Immersive Training
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