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Allyship in Hiring Equity

National Urban League

Allyship in Hiring Equity

Advocate for hiring a more qualified and diverse candidate with a Sales Manager who is caught in the middle of a team's biased hiring decision. This interactive voice-activated experience helps you develop strategies to build resilience and composure when engaging in challenging workplace conversations around hiring practices. Through this virtual reality simulation, practice these very nuanced but necessary conversations in an educational environment. By gaining conversational expertise and knowledge, you will know how to respond in real scenarios confidently.

Scenario: Participate in a hiring committee and encourage a Sales Manager to measure the candidates’ experiences objectively and uncover unconscious biases critically.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish a Safe Space
  • Identify subjective decision making and double standards
  • Use direct language to address the topic of race


  • Objective Decision-Making
  • Inclusive Communication
  • Persuasive Communication

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