Moth+Flame VR

Difficult Team Conversations

Turning ordinary challenges into extraordinary outcomes. 

Hone your abilities to navigate challenges with colleagues in these practical, every-day workplace conversations.

These transformative exercises will not only equip you with the skills to address workplace conflicts but also ensure you're well-prepared for such encounters when they inevitably arise in your professional journey. Created by Emory’s Goizetta’s School of Business, these conversations will prepare you to have MBA-level conversations at work.

Learning Objectives + Skills You Will Gain

  • Practice direct communication to maximize resolutions while addressing issues directly 
  • Respectfully navigate conflicts without cushioning, sandwiching, or assigning attributes to other parties
  • Address personality conflict with value-driven, team-oriented, and straightforward approaches
  • Address ineffective, unresponsive, and harmful team dynamics to find solutions 
  • Discern between professional and personal ethics
  • Utilize constructive conflict management
  • Use an empathetic, direct conversation style to find team alignment



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