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Organizational Integrity

The no-risk way to navigate shades of gray

Expertly authored experiences to help employees act ethically and build industry trust. Be competitive, stay compliant, and safeguard your business and corporate partners from legal and reputational harm.

About the Provider

We’ve partnered with Joseph Spiegler, an experienced Chief Compliance Officer with a 20+ year track record of success using innovation and technology to solve business, legal, and risk issues.

Learning Objectives + Skills You Will Gain

  • Identify corrupt practice in real-world scenarios using situational analysis
  • Adhere to regulatory guidelines of of the Corrupt Practices Act and Global Anti-Corruption Laws
  • Navigate questionable requests with the three P's of Compliance: Purpose, Process, and Perception
  • Maintain diplomacy in communication
  • Build confidence with difficult conversations and use persuasive language
  • Use active listening to formulate fact-based questions
  • Resolve conflicts of organizational integrity that could jeopardize corporate reputation and lead to costly legal consequences

Learning Experiences

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