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Mental Wellness

Safeguard your most valuable asset.

Prioritize your organization's well-being and build resilience.

About the Content

Reinforce healthy habits using self-care, stress management, and burnout prevention strategies. By focusing on positive ways to navigate conversations about mental health, individuals and organizations can create supportive and inclusive environments that benefit everyone.

Learning Objectives + Skills You Will Gain

  • Use positive framing to promote healthy habits
  • Build cohesive teams with a sense of belonging for all
  • Demonstrate objectivity and emotional self-awareness
  • Apply ACE.: Ask, Care, Escort
  • Recognize behavioral patterns and gain insight into how to manage them
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication to build stronger connections
  • Identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms for common stressors
  • Ask open ended questions to understand issues
  • Apply inclusive, direct, and empathetic communication styles
  • Build confidence with navigating sensitive workplace conversations

Learning Experiences

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