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Language Immersion Training

High stakes training for real-world scenarios

Scalable, contextual learning that works. No travel required. Government customers get funding obligated quickly and reliably by leveraging our sole-source IDIQ.

About the Content

Immerse yourself in language and cultural settings with our Language Immersion Training experiences, designed to help build rapport, navigate challenging situations, and operate seamlessly in areas where language and culture may be less familiar.

Learning Objectives + Skills You Will Gain

  • Maintain rapport in true-to-life scenarios that test comprehension and awareness
  • Navigate unfamiliar cultural settings
  • Practice conversational diplomacy in another language
  • Overcome communication barriers to achieve alignment in negotiations
  • Demonstrate situational analysis
  • Practice conflict de-escalation and maintain composure during emotionally charged encounters
  • Build confidence with difficult conversations

Learning Experiences

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