Moth+Flame VR

Foundational Skills

Forge a solid foundation for a successful start

Navigate new, challenging environments that can make or break relationships. Gain interpersonal skills that are the building blocks for a successful military career.

These experiences equip you with the tools to communicate effectively, set clear boundaries, handle conflicts with grace, and build healthier connections. Our immersive training aligns with pedagogical methods that are proven to build confidence.

Learning Objectives + Skills You Will Gain

  • Establish and respect boundaries
  • Stay calm and centered
  • Build confidence to know when and how to respond
  • Practice direct communication styles
  • Apply active listening without accusations or judgment
  • Ask open ended questions to understand issues
  • Demonstrate objectivity and situational analysis
  • Address personality conflict with a team-oriented mindset and straightforward approaches
  • Utilize constructive conflict management

Learning Experiences

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