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Emotional Intelligence

Skills that can only be learned by doing

Fill the gaps in leadership training and easily navigate stressful environments that make or break teams. Track your organization's progress and actually see results.

Develop and apply the principles of Emotional Intelligence through interactive voice-driven workplace conversations. Practice communicating with empathy, resolving conflicts, and collaborating with teammates with different values and world views.

Learning Objectives + Skills You Will Gain

  • Demonstrate objectivity and emotional self-awareness
  • Use active listening to formulate fact-based questions
  • Ask open ended questions to understand issues
  • Apply inclusive, direct, and empathetic communication styles
  • Learn the proven formula for conflict resolution
  • Identify and manage emotions that arise during conversations
  • Promote compromise and insert positivity during mediated conversations
  • Engage in mindful collaboration among team members with different values and worldviews
  • Build confidence in applying Emotional Intelligence
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